About Us

Bodies provides personal training services to men and women who wish to get fit, lose weight, and gain youthfulness and vitality all while enjoying the convenience and privacy of exercising at home. Home Bodies requires very little equipment--just a desire to commit to an exercise program and follow the advice of a fitness professional.

We as well as her team of trainers specializing in injury prevention, body transformation, goal attainment, weight training, cardiovascular training, and weight loss are ready to help.

Using this site's Navigation, you will find: ardio and weight lifting routines that allow you to firm up and slim down in MINIMAL time. Why "diets" don't work - and the REAL nutrition advice YOU need to be successful.

The "skinny" on supplements. Why it's OKAY to cheat on your diet sometimes - and how to do it without gaining weight!

Why spending money on a full Home Gym is a WASTE of money - and what equipment you REALLY need to get in shape. Why you have gained weight as you've aged - and what you can do to REVERSE the process.